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What’s inside?


A carefully designed collection of cards, which invites students to hold plenty of meaningful conversations, express themselves proficiently in English and hone a broad range of soft skills from goal setting to critical thinking. 

  • 72 cards featuring 12 topics:

    Goal Setting
    Work-Life Balance 
    Stress Management
    Time Management
    Personal Branding
    Critical Thinking


  • Each topic comprises 6 cards:

    - 4 cards with thought-provoking questions and inspiring quotes
    - 2 role play cards based on realistic business problems designed to help students put their ideas into practice.


  • A source of authentic vocabulary presented in meaningful contexts.


  • Extra: a digital collection of deliberately selected Listen on and Read on resources which will help you build a comprehensive lesson plan in no time.

Why is it useful?

  • Soft skills are cognitive abilities, which are not only highly desirable for today’s businesses, but also help individuals thrive.
  • The material is devised to bring present-day business reality into the language classroom and provide students with plenty of opportunities for reflection, discussion and language development.
  • Role plays, which are based on realistic business situations, allow students to actively engage in conversations and practice the language and skills they have acquired.


 How can you use it?

  • You can use the cards to plan full lessons or to complement your coursebook.
  • You can easily structure a flipped lesson by sharing a Listen on or Read on resource and assigning it as a pre-class preparation. It will help your students engage more deeply and free the lesson time for focused speaking skills practice.
  • The set provides material for a dozen comprehensive lesson plans which require no or little preparation on the teacher’s part.


Who is it for?

  • Business English students
  • Young adults preparing for a career in business
  • Students interested in personal development
  • Levels B1-C1

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