Conversation Cards - LET'S TALK AND SOLVE CRIMES


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No rest for the wicked and crime does not pay? Well, these 48 cards might change your mind about that. Your students will:


  •  investigate 4 seasonal criminal cases that will grip and stimulate them,
  •  practise speaking, listening and reading while using those little grey cells of theirs,
  •  work on grammar and vocabulary while collecting evidence, establishing alibis and questioning motives,
  •  speculate, interpret, analyse, infer, sum up, and much more...


so that, in the end, their English will become far from elementary, my dear Teacher!


The cards are for B1 students and above / one-to-one lessons / pairwork / groupwork or self-study.

The Pumpkin Spice Thief

1)      Paul Pattison –> Jerome Washington

2)      Leticia Latte –> Lindsay Davis

3)      Neil Nutmeg –> Konrad Zieliński

4)      George Ginger –> Jamie Keddie

The Skull And The Snowman

1)      Naomi Numb –> Monika Bigaj Kisała

2)      Steven Snow –> Andre Hedlund

3)      Sam Snow –> Ian Davis

4)      Barbara Bookish –> Magda Zawadzka

Breaking & Gardening

1)      William Watcher –> Brian Wallace

2)      Pauline Plant –> Emma Riedlinger

3)      Max Meadow –> Chris Karton

4)      Celine Cement –> Poppy Gillings

The Sea Of Flames

1)      Scott Scorching –> Max Glover

2)      Chelsea Charring –> Jolene Rene

3)      Evan Embers –> Andrew Dicker

4)      Sue Scorned –>Alexandra Lisiecki

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