Conversation Cards - Let's talk mini - Thanksgiving


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Clinical studies have shown that practising gratitude regularly has a positive effect on our psyche. Gratitude is pure wellbeing. It enhances quality of life, improves self-esteem and boosts mood.


The inconspicuous set of cards from the Thanksgiving MINI series will not only introduce your students to the customs and traditions associated with Thanksgiving, but will also allow them to pause for a moment and appreciate what they may not notice every day.


We invite you to join us for valuable group discussions and beautiful, deep conversations in pairs.


Author: Ewa Torebko.


Sample questions:


Which of the good things that you have experienced this year happened because of your own actions or decisions and which were due to other people?


How do you react when people express their gratitude to you? Why?


What kind of questions are best avoided during family gatherings? Why? Why do people still ask them though?


Do you think your generation has less or more to be thankful for than the generations of your parents and grandparents? Why (not)?


Some people draw on their Thanksgiving tablecloth and some even embroider it later to have a keepsake they can put on the table next year and add to it. What do you think of this tradition? Does your family have any interesting or unusual holiday traditions?

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