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What do I find inside the box? 


Introduction to Human Animal Studies is a carefully designed collection of cards that encourages students to engage in meaningful conversations about the place of non-human animals in the world, express themselves fluently in English and improve a wide range of skills, from thought organisation to critical thinking.


24 cards containing 24 topics:

1.  Early Human Animal Studies
 2.  What’s in a name?
 3.  Human vs non-human animals
 4.  Darwin and his work
 5.  Different species, different treatment
 6.  Speciesism
 7.  The human/other animal bond
 8.  Five Freedoms of animal welfare
 9.  Is this dog breed right for me?
10. How not to choose a pet
11. Choosing your pet
12. Non-human animals in literature
13. Emotions. Are we all the same?
14. A cat is not a dog
15. ‘Funny cat films’
16. Urban non-human animals
17. Testing on animals
18. Fur
19. Hunting
20. Cruelty-free label
21. Circuses
22. Non-human animals helping humans
23. Your pet
24. Interspecies communication


Introduction to Human Animal Studies is a source of authentic vocabulary presented in the context of the important discipline of Human Animal Studies. The cards address controversial and thought-provoking, and perhaps even re-prioritised, topics. They inspire a holistic view of the world, seeing non-human animals, all within an accessible vocabulary and beautiful visuals.


Why is this so useful?


Human Animal studies is currently a thriving scientific discipline. It prompts us to think about our everyday consumer choices, explores the role of non-human animals in our society, and wants to ensure that they live with dignity.

Non-human animals have been present in our lives for centuries, the themes of the cards allow students to actively participate in conversations, practise language and learn new vocabulary.

The material is designed to address the most important topics in Human Animal Studies in a linguistically accessible way. On the other hand, the importance of the topics helps to provide even pupils or students at high levels of language proficiency with an opportunity for reflection, discussion and development.


How to use them?

The cards can be used to plan full lessons or as a supplement to the textbook. Nowadays, most courses have a separate Nature or Environment module.

You can easily organise a flipped lesson by providing reading material, or ask students to search for information on a topic (quest), assigning it as preparation for the lesson. This will help students to engage more deeply with the lesson and allow them to use the time to practise their speaking skills. The cards can be used for topic introductions, discussions or debates.

The kit contains materials to create dozens of lesson plans that require little or no preparation on the part of the teacher.


Who is Introduction to Human Animal Studies designed for?

● Secondary school students

● Young adults wishing to extend their knowledge and vocabulary to the field of animal studies

● Students interested in ecology, plant based diets, man's place in the world, the latest research into the nonhuman animal world

● B1-C2 levels


Author: Katarzyna Łogożna-Wypych

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