Conversation Cards - Let's talk - Matura Exam - speaking


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If you work in a secondary school and prepare students for their final examinations, you know that the oral part of the Matura exam gives them sleepless nights.

This set will help you guide your students through the exam preparation process in a stress-free and relaxed manner.


Your students will be guided through the 45 sample oral exams step by step. Nothing reduces exam anxiety better than good preparation.


These cards teach students to argue logically and accurately

and make them adjust arguments to the situation and context.


If you work through the mock dialogues in this box, your students will not be surprised by anything during the actual exam.


What is inside the box?


* 90 cards which cover all Matura topics.

* Perfect for exam preparation classes

* Make the teacher's job easier

* Enable mock oral examinations

* Ideal for for one-to-one classes, pair work and group work

* Level B1 and up



265,71 zł

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