Conversation Cards - Let's talk mini - Warmers and Time Fillers


New product

Ashley Golding - author of the bestselling let's talk SLANG cards is back with a new project!


This time he invites you to have a chat based on maxi minis -  the biggest set of MINI cards since the beginning of our publishing house!




What is in the box?


- 150 cards!

- 15 topics (Hobbies and free time, Travel, Education, Work, Shopping, Time, Food and Drink, Health and Fitness, People and their lives, Technology, Environment, Crime, Fashion, Relationships, Entertainment/Media)


What do the sample questions look like?


Hobbies and free time:

How have the ways in which we spend our free time changed in recent years?


If you were going backpacking, what essential items would you take?


What should you do to make a good first impression in a job interview?


Do you think the government should spend money on national parks?             


How to use?

- Language warm-ups.

- Vocabulary repetition before the test.

- Introducing a new topic.

- For more unusual ways of using letstalks - e.g. in combination with LEGO bricks - see our bank of ideas, which you can study on our website under FREE

75,24 zł

75,24 zł per 1 zestaw. Najniższa cena z 30 dni przed obniżką - 79,00 zł