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How to use the “Unfold the Hashtag” conversation tube?


The “Unfold the Hashtag” set consists of 48 strips, each containing 9 hashtags, some of which are single words, others longer expressions or phrases.

Each of the hashtags belongs to a different category. The categories are as follows: food, idiomatic expressions, adjectives, jobs, song titles/lyrics or film titles/quotes, phrasal verbs, places, objects and animals. It is not necessary for students to get the references in the titles/lyrics or quotes as they can be understood and used on their own. However, if the students do get the references, the activities that follow might have another interesting layer to them.

This set can be used in various ways with students working individually or in pairs/groups, and practising speaking and/or writing. Here are a few suggestion:

Use the hashtags (minimum 3 and maximum 9) to tell or write a story that could be summarised with them. The hashtags can be rearranged in any order, or for a harder challenge, used in the order already assigned.

Write an online conversation that will include the hashtags as a commentary/summary of what is being said.

Look up a video of Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake doing the “Hashtag” skit and try to come up with your own version that will include the hashtags from the strip you have been given. The conversation might be first written down and then acted out or, for a more challenging version, improvised on the spot.

Listen to another person or pair/group presenting their story (as described in suggestion 1) and write down the words and phrases that you would use as hashtags for their story. Compare and see whether any have been the same.

Combine a few strips for a longer and more detailed story.

Replace some of the hashtags with your own suggestions while telling the story.

Write your own 9 hashtags in the same categories as the original version, swap with another student/pair/group and proceed as described in suggestions 1-6.

Pick pairs of hashtags from your strip and try to say or write sentences that will include them both.

Combine a few strips and from each pick the hashtags in the same category and use them in your story.

Combine a few strips and use 1-2 hashtags from different categories in your story.

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