Conversation Cards - Let's talk mini - Rainy Day Queries


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If you've used our mini cards then you know very well that they can  rock great discussions!

This season we come to you with a triple series of mini cards - you'll find questions for every weather, every season, every month and even - for various special holidays!

Would you be tempted?


Sample questions:


Rainy Day Queries

  • Can you think of why someone would want to walk in the rain without an umbrella?
  • What kind of superpowers would Rainman or Rainwoman have? Would they be a superhero o 
    a super villain?
  • Does every cloud have a silver lining? Can you always spot the good in the bad?

Sunny Day Queries

  • The Japanese use the term Tsundere to describe someone who initially comes across as cold and harsh but, as you get to know each other, becomes warmer and friendlier. What do you think are the pros and cons of being such a person? What about befriending such a person?
  • Add time expressions to the following sentences: “The sun is shining”, “The sun has been shining”, “The sun shines” and “The sun used to shine”.
  • Some people worry about having their beach bodies ready for the summer. Should we think about that? Why (not)?

All-year-round Queries


One of the Mondays in January is called Blue Monday and it’s supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. How would you spend it to beat the blues?


June is the time when school is coming to a close. What can teachers do to keep their students engaged? Should they even try? Why (not)?


November 8 is Tongue Twister Day. What tongue twisters in English do you know? What about your native language? What is the most difficult word or phrase in English that you have ever learnt? Is English pronunciation difficult, in your opinion?

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