Conversation Tube - Let's talk - WHAAAT? WHY?


New product

Let’s talk conversation cards provide a whole variety of high quality products. In our shop you will find many sets of  big cards with pictures and questions, MINI cards – perfect for warm ups and time fillers and  also our bestselling CONVERSATION TUBES. There are four of them.


  • 48 situations + 48 completely absurd items
  • Students need to find some connection between the situation and the item explaining why they need it in such  circumstances .

                “You are going to spend a weekend in a luxurious hotel with your partner. A BUCKET”

                “There is a new fil on. You and your friends are going to the cinema. A SAXOPHONE”

“ Some new people have moved to your residential area. You are going to visit your new neighbours. A BASKET OF ROTTEN EGGS.”

What are the advantages of this product?


  • A great activity for creative thinking
  • The cards guarantee bursts of laughter during your lessons
  • They encourage students to think outside the box – which is one of the most valued future competences
  • If you love teaching grammar – this set is perfect for future tenses and conditional sentences revision
  • There are unlimited options of the answers – your students will surprise you and themselves for sure many times

40,00 zł

40,00 zł per 1 zestaw. Najniższa cena z 30 dni przed obniżką - 42,00 zł