Conversation Cards - Let's talk - MIX


New product


       If you...

  • have heard about our cards

  • can't decide which sets would be best for your students

  • are not very good at making up your mind 

    then this set is your dream set!


  • In this box you will find two cards from each of our original sets

  • You can try the cards out witch your students and decide which set you would like to have in full, 48-card version

Inside this 34-card box you will find cards from the following sets:

* E8
* Write
* What sholud I do? (updated)
* Matura extended
* True or False?
* Coaching questions
* What would you do if...?
* Taboo (updated)
* Role plays
* Phrasal verbs
* Idioms and proverbs
* Kids
* Inspirations
* Collocations
* Young learners
* Business questions

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