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We all love to travel, don’t we? It’s certainly a great pleasure. But what about travelling abroad? Is it easy for our students?

  • Complicated public transport

  • A cancelled plane

  • An overbooked hotel

  • An obnoxious co-passenger

  • A sudden illness

  • Weird local customs

  • Dodgy food

All sorts of complications can crop up when we travel. Ca your students handle them?

Do they know how to react and what to say when something unpleasant or unexpected happens?


  • The cards are divided into situations or places
  • There are 48 of them
  • There are 4 questions on each card + three situation.
  • The student needs to answer the questions and come up with ideas how to react to the problems presented on the cards
  • In this set you will find cards concerning – staying at the hotel, checking out at the airport, planning a trip, looking for a meal, finding a way, renting a car, pickpocketing, visiting museum and many many others


These cards will help your students practise all possible scenarios one can think of.

Once your students have used them, nothing is going to take them by surprise.

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101,90 zł per 1 zestaw