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  • Laughter will save us!

  • Laughter is something that we desperately need in our lives, in our classrooms, in our every day conversations.

  • Let’s talk people love laughing and we never miss the opportunity to make our students burst with laughter.

  • We have a few sets designed in such a way that we can guarantee a lot of humour in your classroom.


 -  Everybody should have a squirrel at home.
 -  You don’t need a driving licence to drive a car.
 -  You should share your deepest thoughts with everybody.
 -  Marriages should last no more than five years.
 -  You shouldn’t be able to enter a country if you don’t speak its language.


  • On each cards there is an awkward sentence the students CANNOT disagree with.

  • They need to find a way to persuade their partner or other members of the group that what is written on the cards is ultimately true.

  • There is always a lot of laughing here, but we also practise creativity, dealing with stereotypes and looking at things from other people’s perspectives.

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