Conversation Cards - Let's talk mini - EXPLAIN YOURSELF


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  • Laughter will save us!

  • Laughter is something that we desperately need in our lives, in our classrooms, in our every day conversations.

  • Let’s talk people love laughing and we never miss the opportunity to make our students burst with laughter.

  • We have a few sets designed in such a way that we can guarantee a lot of humour in your classroom.


 -  You were running naked in the middle of a street.
 -  You took your guinea pig to a theatre.
 -  You came back home completely wet on a sunny day.
 -  You used chopsticks to eat a sandwich.
 -  You broke into a grocery store in the middle of the night.


  • On each card there is an example of rather strange behaviour. The students have to imagine that these sentences are about them and explain why they did something.

  • We’ve got a lot of laughing, creativity and …past tense revision!

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