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What is the difference between “a judgement” and “an order”?

What are the types of easements?

These are questions you may encounter during your legal career. With our LEGAL ENGLISH cards, you can practice answering these questions in advance and feel more confident in the future in the presence of an English-speaking client.

 The LEGAL ENGLISH cards are an excellent aid for teachers of Legal English courses, TOLES certificate candidates, law students and anyone interested in the subject.


What is inside the box?

24 cards.

Each one corresponds to one particular topic.

As a warm-up, you can use the picture to introduce the main theme.

It is then followed by 3 questions strongly connected to the topic.

Below the questions, you can find a helpful vocabulary section (words and phrases) that can be useful when providing the answer or they can just be used as keywords from the lesson.

Every card contains also a task to put your speaking into more practice.

Familiarize yourself with Legal English thanks to Legal English cards!

Author: Martyna Kamińska

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