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Bloom’s Taxonomy of learning objectives can be a great tool in a teacher’s toolbox.

 The 48 cards in the “Let’s Bloom” set will come in handy if you want your students to:

-          practise and revise vocabulary on a variety of topics

-          be guided from easier to more demanding speaking and writing tasks

-          employ both lower-level thinking skills and higher-order ones

-          have a choice of individualised tasks that will meet their current needs

           so that ultimately they can bloom!


Author: Ewa Torebko


Sample questions:



Name ten different feelings: five positive and five negative ones.

Relate a situation that made you feel the way two of these adjectives express.



Work with a partner. Demonstrate the adjectives on your list using facial expressions and body language. Recognise the feelings your partner is demonstrating.

Translate the adjectives on your list.



How would you make use of your own negative feelings to improve your life or situation?

What kind of problems can feelings solve and/or cause? Give examples.



Is it always easy to distinguish between how people are really feeling and how they are behaving? Why (not)?

What songs would you pick as a theme for different feelings you experience at school or in the workplace? Why?



Should our feelings influence the way we make decisions that involve other people? What about ourselves? Why (not)?

Would you rather people perceived you as very emotional or as very cold? Why?



Is there any feeling that you would like to delete from the ones you have experienced? Why (not)?

What would happen if you were able to maximise your feelings? Would you do it? Why (not)?

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