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“Creepy Stories” is a set of 48 cards featuring plots of stories that might be called creepy, spooky, scary or anything in between.

Each plot introduces a character, what happens to them and where.

All the plots are worded in the dramatic Present Simple but you can obviously use the cards to practise past tenses.

Inside the tube there are a lot of suggestions on how you and your students might use the cards.


Sample pages:

  •   A woman living alone in a big city inherits a beautiful box of cursed jewellery that brings her nothing but misfortune.


  •   A group of hikers stumble upon an ancient burial site and accidentally awaken an evil entity.


  •   A young couple moves into an old mansion but soon realises there is much more to the house than meets the eye.


Author: Ewa Torebko

40,00 zł

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