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The “Conversation Circles” set contains 48 round cards that can be used to practise speaking. Each circle is divided into 8 sectors, each with a different question on the topic that is placed in the very centre. One of the 8 sectors is marked with a thicker edge and that is the question that should be answered first as it is the simplest one. When the first question is answered, the students follow the arrows around the circle and answer the remaining questions.

Most questions can be answered by A2 students but the set can also be used with B1 students and above with the expectation of more detailed answers expressed with more advanced vocabulary.

Each circle contains questions that ask the students to talk about  themselves, the world around them, their opinions about different issues, their preferences and wishes. Grammatically, you may expect questions formulated in Present Simple and sometimes Present Perfect. There is always at least 1 question that asks the students to talk about the past and one that asks the students to finish a sentence.


Sample circle:




1) What do older people say about teenagers?


2) Is it easy being a teenager? Why (not)?


3) Why do teenagers often stop enjoying school?


4) Do you think teenagers now have different problems than their parents 20-30 years ago? Why (not)?


5) Would you rather be a child or a teen forever? Why?


6) Tell me about a time when you or someone you know did something considered typical of teens.


7) What advice would you give your grandchildren about being a teenager?


8) Finish: “Teenagers are like…”

Author: Ewa Torebko

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