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BEAUTY - there has never been a set like this before!


Specialised terminology: The conversation cards contain terms and expressions related to the beauty industry, helping employees to better understand and express themselves on topics related to cosmetics, make-up and skin care.


Effective communication: They help improve communication skills with clients, which is crucial in the beauty services field, where well-understood communication is essential to meet clients' needs.


Developing confidence: Using conversation cards helps employees gain confidence in expressing their ideas and suggestions in English.


Better understanding of customers: They help employees better understand the needs and expectations of customers, resulting in better service.


International trade fairs and conferences: Useful for attending international trade fairs and industry conferences where English is often used as the language of communication.


Creativity in projects: Conversation cards help employees express their ideas and creativity in projects related to cosmetic products.


Developing presentation skills: They help improve presentation skills, which is useful when promoting new beauty products.


Working with international partners: Facilitate working with international business partners and beauty suppliers.


Developing passion and knowledge: Conversation cards engage employees in active language learning, while allowing them to  deepen their knowledge and passion for the beauty industry.


Author: Sylwia Sałuda

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