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Stress, exams, tests, the expectations of others and your own, the unrealistic role models presented on social media, the ever-present rush and hurry, news and current affairs programmes full of anxiety and aggression, deadlines ... One can get overwhelmed ...


Why not slow down for a while?


HAPPINESS CARDS are completely unique cards. They were intended to be a book, but then they wouldn't have had a chance to get through to the language classes ????.

We took a risk and turned them into a letstalk formula!


You will find 48 techniques to benefit one's mental health (theory + practice) and, as usual, discussion/reflection questions after doing each exercise.


These cards are consistent with our mission #helping_teachers & #changing_education, as we strongly believe in the magic that happens oftentimes in conversation classes. We are sure that your students will appreciate bringing HAPPINESS CARDS to your classroom.


We wish you an interesting and mindful journey through happiness-building techniques and tools.


Author: Beata Wysocka.

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