Conversation Cards - Let's talk - WACKY ROLE PLAYS


New product

The bestselling letstalk ROLE PLAYS in a new version, a bit ... crazy this time!

  • 48 cards
  • 24 situations
  • 3 levels of wackiness - slightly, moderately and completely offbeat
  • Lots of humour, but also plenty of opportunities for deep reflection
  • Circumstances allowing vocabulary repetition on many topics
  • Scenes guaranteeing the use of varied grammatical structures
  • As always - plenty of opportunieties to challenge beliefs, stereotypes and clichés
  • A bank of ideas for teachers (up to 8 ways to use the cards!)


How will the conversation go between the babysitter and the prison guard?

What common topics will a teacher in a school of magic and a normal teacher find?

Will a zombie and a travel agent get along when it comes to organising a trip?

What consequences will the dialogue between the two AI models have?

Will the carrot defend its good name in light of the accusations thrown at it by the cake? (Yes, you read that right - it's a card from the ULTRA WACKY category)


On each card you will find a picture, a role and a brief description of the circumstances.

ROLE PLAYS cards do the job for everyone. Introverts love them because it's the perfect opportunity to hide behind a role. People who are more confident have the chance to demonstrate their acting in front of a group. People who don't have a lot of ideas will find prompts on the card. Those who are creative can swim in any direction based on a few given slogans.

The feedback we got from the teachers leaves no doubt - ROLE PLAYS work.

The question remains - do you have the courage for WACKY ROLE PLAYS to be used in your classroom?


Author: Ewa Torebko

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