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Imagine a world where no one reports homework not done , teachers' bonuses have two zeros more, and the students you watch over during breaks play board games quietly....

We can't promise that, but ...

We can promise that you will never again hear "It's depend" in class.

Tempting, isn't it?


Ewa Torebko, the author of this mini set that will change so much in the teachers' lives, has more than once felt the painful sting in her heart when hearing the phrase "it's depend" bastardised in various ways. She decided to deal with it by writing 48 non-obvious questions, the answer to which should start with "Well, it depends...".


Are you in?


Sample cards:


Q: Who is not a fan of homework: students or teachers?

A: Well, it depends…


Q: Which is more fun: going to the cinema or to an escape room?

A: Well, it depends…


Q: Who is more dangerous: a drunk driver or a drunk pedestrian?

A: Well, it depends…

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