Conversation Cards - Let's talk mini - Once Upon a Time


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The “Once Upon a Time” maxi mini set consists of 3 sets of 48 cards that can be used to tell or write stories.

The first set contains sentences that will be used as beginnings of stories - all the cards begin with the words: “Once upon a time there was…” and then introduce a character and their peculiar feature that might be viewed as a weakness or a strength.

The second set contains sentences to use as the middle of the story - all the cards introduce a dramatic event that might serve as a turning point in a story.

The third and final set contains sentences beginning with the word: “...and” and then a sentence that provides the conclusion or resolution of a story.

The students (working individually or in pairs/groups) randomly choose one card from each of the three sets and either tell or write a story that will logically contain all the three elements.


Sample cards:

Set 1: Once upon a time there was a teacher who had truth glasses.

Set 2: The pills scattered on the floor in a rainbow of colours.

Set 3: and they lived unhappily ever after.


Author: Ewa Torebko

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